Card contactless RFID si NFC pentru protejarea cardurilor bancare, model Monero

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RFID/NFC Card shield model Monero, protejeaza cardurile bancare sau documentele de identitate cu chip electronic, impotriva citirii neautorizate a datelor la distanta prin dispozitive wireless de tip skimming.

Cards with RFID/NFC technology such as credit, debit or identity cards such as Passports or Electronic IDs, can be read over short distances using wireless technology. Protect your account data and personal information with WALLET SHIELD.

Do not allow unauthorized persons to misappropriate your funds! 

To protect your cards with RFID/NFC technology against data theft, simply insert the WALLET SHIELD card into your bag or wallet. This card absorbs the radio wave field of any nearby reading device, thus providing effective protection against data exchange between the reading device and your cards.

By creating an electronic protection field (with a radius of about 5 cm)which makes all 13.56 MHz cards invisible to nearby scanners,

  • Blocks reading;
  • Blocks signals;
  • Safe protection;
  • High quality;
  • Modern design.

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Weight 0,01 kg
Dimensions 8,5 × 5,4 × 0,1 cm